We have built 7 downhill trails each of which is approximately 500m long. The tracks are called training wheels, slippery weasel and dirty burger with dirty burger having two additional alternative routes to the bottom Step up line and j-line.

There is a combination of features on each track from banked corners (berms), kickers, gap jumps, table tops, whoops, drops, rock gardens, step downs and step ups. There is also an area for beginners and a skills training area with a wide range of riding obstacles.

The trails are built to a professional standard following International Mountain Bike Association guidelines and avoid badger setts and important wildflower areas.

In 2016 we added two new tracks 6 & 7 (black pig and red wizard), a 3m high monster wooden start ramp to acces these two new tracks and some major alterations to track 3.

In 2017/18 we have started works on our 4x track Red Wizard with the aim to be ready to host a national 4x event in 2019 on it, we aim to have a working skills area by the end of the summer 2018 and we also plan to add some features to the xc loop to allow more progression for our newest and youngest riders as a stepping stone to our bigger tracks.