2 Day Pass

5th August 2018 - 12:00 am


A 2-day pass entitles you to two conescutive days at Scadson Freeride Park. The Park is open 24/7. By booking a 2-Day Pass you are accepting Scadson Freeride Park’s Terms and Conditions. These are as follows:

• Only Members and pass holders are allowed access to the riding areas.
• Your membership stickers / day pass must be clearly visible on your bike / helmet, or your card should be carried on your person when riding.
• A helmet must be worn at all times whilst riding, a full face helmet is recommended, as is eye protection and body armour.
• No alterations are allowed to any track or the riding area in general without explicit approval of the committee.
• Bikes must be well maintained and of an appropriate calibre to remain safe under the riding conditions of the trails.
• Riding alone is not advisable (in case of incapacitating accident). Carrying of mobile phone is recommended.
• Walking up the tracks at Scadson is forbidden for safety reasons, please always use the push-up
• Do not stray outside of the designated riding areas and do not stray off the designated tracks.
• Good and courteous behaviour towards fellow riders and other site users (ramblers, locals etc) is expected at all times.
• Access to the areas are through the designated entrances only.
• All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas.
• Vehicles are not allowed within the riding area.
• No camping, fires or BBQ on site or in the car parks.
• If you are riding please leave your pets (dogs) behind or keep them on a lead.
• Riding whilst intoxicated is strictly forbidden.
• NO LITTERING! If you brought it, take it home.
• Anyone not complying with these rules will be asked to leave, and could have their membership revoked without refund.
• Anyone found engaging in illegal activities whilst on site will be reported to the police and may be banned for life!

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.